Digital Twin – photogrammetry and lidar

Examples of activities carried out for scanning real objects or places, using photogrammetry and lidar for the creation of three-dimensional digital assets.

These activities are carried out in the context of the enhancement of cultural heritage and gamification activities, to create immersive experiences thanks to virtual reality (VR) and Virtual Production.

The photo-gallery shows images taken during the processing of the following projects:

  • Underground Basilica of Porta Maggiore: creation of a photorealistic experience of visiting the existing basilica, through the use of virtual reality viewers
  • Aenaria, 2000 years under the sea: reconstruction of a stretch of coast of the island of Ischia (Cartaromana bay) prior to the bradyseism that slowly sank the ancient Roman port. From this reconstruction, an immersive experience was created using virtual reality viewers.
  • Urban structures, Italy.
  • Keats’s mask: photogrammetry made for the Keats and Shelley Museum in Rome. Digital clone of the plaster mask actually present at the museum. This reproduction was used in the virtual reality video “The Death of John Keats”, narrated by Bob Geldof.
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