Client: Ecopneus S.c.p.A.

As an interactive experience at Fiera Cavalli 2018, Verona, Twiceout has made a short film in CG and live action shooting: InnerSpace tells of an innovative field for riding, made in granules of rubber from recycled tires.

InnerSpace is a journey inside a training field made from a very particular point of view: the video, lasting 4 minutes, is made with 3D real time graphics, integrated with live action video footage. The leading actress (Valentina Ghetti), plays the role of Commander Rubber, the avatar that guides viewers in this adventure.

In the history, the spectators have been reduced to microscopic dimensions and enrolled in the Micro-Patrol, an imaginary team that works on the maintenance of the work field.
The spectators, inside a tiny spaceship, fly among the granules that look like a huge asteroids (actually they are only a few millimeters long) and under the careful guidance of the Commander Rubber they control the state, noting how easy is the field maintenance, thanks to this innovation.

Twiceout S.r.l. he made this video in VR, using the innovative audio technology known as spatialized audio.

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